What have we been up to?

Over the last couple of months we have been very busy here at greeenstar.org working on an exciting new project. After weeks of hard work in London, Oxford and Edinburgh we will soon launch the first Climate Action Leadership Awards.

Developed with our partners at the Frost & Sullivan Institute – a non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging innovation to address global challenges – and Frost & Sullivan – a company that enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best in class positions in growth, innovation and leadership – the Climate Action Leadership Awards will recognize true excellence in environmental improvement strategies and leadership.

Producing these awards is essentially a three step process. The 1st step is hard quantitative analysis; we measure past, current and future performance on carbon emissions to rate each company. A great number of companies do not even reach that level of analysis, as our system requires a minimum data disclosure of three years.

Following our work in Edinburgh with some great help from top academics and students, we came back to London to run the greeenstar algorithms and produce the list of leading companies on a purely quantitative level. This is particularly important to the overall success of the system, accounting for 80% of the final rating. To proceed with the launch of our Climate Action Leadership Awards we worked from the Frost & Sullivan offices in Oxford with 4 collaborators to produce an exhaustive qualitative analysis. We looked for the reasons behind a company’s achievements such as investments in renewable energy or energy efficient technologies, ie the 3 e’s.

The 3rd and final step of the process is a final check conducted by Frost and Sullivan’s internal panel of expert analysts to question whether or not the company in question exemplifies any outstanding environmental policies. Which companies truly mean to become ‘Climate Action Leaders’?

After 5 months of planning, 2 months to carry out the data analysis and help and input from more than 20 people the Climate Action Leadership Awards are ready to be launched. We considered more than 470 companies in 10 different industry sectors and from 23 countries. 124 companies were eligible to go through the greeenstar rating system.

If you want to find out which companies have succeeded in the Climate Action Leadership Awards, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, the results will be announced soon.  And don’t forget to visit our partners’ website for more info.